OpenScienceLab is committed to meta-research for open science, working closely with institutions, organizations, and companies (through Contracts/Agreements Art. 60 LOSU) to develop customized solutions that promote transparency and excellence in scientific practice.

What we do?

Assessment and improvement of scientific practices

Evaluation and analysis of research processes, from study planning and execution to result communication, identifying areas for improvement and recommending strategies to promote scientific integrity and reproducibility.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

Audit of scientific data to ensure its integrity, quality, and accessibility.

Training in metascience and meta-research

Workshops and courses covering topics such as designing robust scientific studies, best practices in data analysis, critical evaluation of scientific literature, and research ethics.

Developement of science communication strategies

Collaboration with institutions and research projects to develop effective scientific communication strategies.

Scientometrics and Research Evaluation

Development of new metrics for open science, analysis of bibliometric indicators, alternative metrics, and research visibility.

Consulting on open science infrastructures

Technical guidance for the development and implementation of open science infrastructures, such as data repositories, collaboration platforms, and analysis tools.